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Mighty White Soap Co


Welcome to Mighty White Soap!

The creation of my own soaps began out of concern for the health of my family. Commercial products contain unnecessary and often harmful ingredients. Various health problems, sensitive skin, and the realization that our skin is the body's ultimate protectant forced me to find a solution. We changed our diet and tried every commercially available remedy, balm, lotion, and soap that we could find or was recommended to us, but nothing helped.

After some trial and error, I came up with a formulation that combines natural ingredients to create a superb product safe enough for my family, friends, and people like you.

I make small batch, hand-crafted artisan soaps, body butters, dual lye cream shave soaps, shave butters, and shave oils. I incorporate our lifestyle into my products by using ingredients such as honey, eggs, or maple syrup that comes from our own home. The ingredients – and the methods used to make them – provide the color variation in most of my soaps.

All of my fragrances are phthalate free, and I remain suspicious of plastics. So whenever possible, items are packed in either glass or paper. I will almost exclusively use glass jars that are made in America as this is important to me.

Handmade soaps need to be kept dry between uses for the best results. Also, If some of the bars are too large to comfortably fit in your hand they can be cut in half with a sharp knife.

If you have any questions about products and ingredients, or would like to see something included, excluded, or request a custom product, please contact me at mightywhitesoapco@gmail.com