Mighty White Soap Co

Mighty White Soap Co

Meanwhile in Michigan...

Seife OhlerComment

Today we have a re-stock of Van Zant soap. I really love this scent. It’s bright, citrusy and perfect, fantastic for those sluggish mornings. I have been on a sabbatical recently and this soap has helped me get my butt back in gear during the polar-vortex mornings. I’ve been anticipating this since it was first made right after the New Year. It’s super sudsy and when using a nylon pouf…WOW! The bubbles are super thick and creamy!


It’s always a joy to make this one. It soaps so creamily. LOVE!

There are new soaps coming out in the next few weeks, I’ve quietly added some soaps intended for St. Paddy’s day: Cozy Back Porch, Irish Republican Aloe, Tapped, and Brigid’s Cross. I will have blog posts in the coming days about these. I do plan on actually using the blog now that I believe I have the hang of it. (yes, that’s why it had been hidden, while I learned).

I will also be making some requested items in the next few days. A Bourbon Tobacco scented foaming sugar scrub and some others.