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Commemorating Our Heritage

Seife OhlerComment

Spring is a renewal but it is also a good time to look back and take stock of where we are and how we want to approach the next growing season. This is true professionally, in gardening, or in life. I’ve been doing a bit of all three recently. So let’s do just that!

A quick look back: We had a nice giveaway campaign on twitter at the beginning of April. We ended up choosing two winners for our contest. The contest was a lot of fun and that will become a monthly feature. If you would like to participate in the future, follow us on twitter at @mightywhitesoap. Interacting with our customers is more rewarding than anticipated, We really have the best people!

Where we are: We have become officially Palm Oil Free this month! - This was a personal and professional choice. I choose to keep my company as eco-friendly as I reasonably can. Forgoing palm oil is a personal triumph in my book. I had to make substitutions, use up stock, and change some formulas, which is what takes time, but I believe that it was worth it.

Approaching the next growing season: After talking to some of you, we have decided to start either a monthly or a bi-monthly product release with the theme of Commemorating Our Heritage.We will use submissions from supporters with a personalized soap that tells your story. The story can be anything as long as it tells Our Stories. One example would be a Lily scented soap that reminds you of your mother’s favorite Easter lilies, a soap the exact green of your first son’s eyes, an exfoliating soap that reminds you of fixing cars with your grandfather, or a soap that is reminiscent of where your family is from. Your story will be published along side the soap. We are currently taking submissions, they can be sent to editmaster@mightywhitesoapco.com to begin the planning process.

We have several current submissions and should have our first release the second week of May. Because of the lead time necessary, anticipate more than six to eight weeks for your submission (if selected) to be made and put into production. As time is a factor, please try to submit them sooner rather than later. If your submission is selected, you will receive one at our expense.

I hope to hear from you! - Seife